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There was once a time when radio broadcasting ruled the world. Radio was the only means to entertain and inform the world before Television was launched and before TV sets were available and affordable enough for the public. People would listen to their radios late into the evening just to hear a glimpse of news that was so hard to come by back in the day and kids would line up in front of the radio to hear their favorite stories. TV and radio have been in combat since the moment televisions started populating the market. In many ways, the competition has had a positive effect on both television and radio shows that are becoming more and more entertaining with each passing day. Radio shows are now more innovating and entertaining than they ever were before while music channels have started dominating the youth due to great music videos.If you are looking for free music downloads you must head over to LETSGETPARTY, they feature some seriously talented artists from Cape Town.

So which is best?

I guess, in reality, radio and music channels are equals because both have unique advantages and disadvantages that you simply cannot compare. TV and Radio can entertain you in their own unique way and will always play a huge role in how we spend our evenings.

The advantages of radio

Radio is mobile. There is absolutely no way you can drive and watch a music video. It is dangerous and downright stupid. Listening to your favorite hosts during a morning drive to work or capturing the news while you are on your way home is also an absolute luxury and we can all also agree that there is nothing better than listening to a classic song when you are on a long and glorious road trip filled with splendid nature scenes. Here are the best advantages of radio;

  • You can catch news feeds on the go without actually having to hear an entire news bulletin. Radio hosts have a great way to provide you with short and sweet news feeds throughout the day.
  • No music channel will ever be able to warn you about a road block ahead or a road that is incredibly dangerous to take. Radio stations are so useful during rush hours because that is the exact moment that motorist needs current road info the most.
  • Interesting facts are always flying around on the radio and it is a great way to learn new things
  • Music music music! What is a radio station without music? Radio stations will play only the latest and most popular music tunes that are actually according to a certain genre while music channels play their music incredibly randomly and it might take a few songs before you can find something you actually like.
  • Radio hosts are often hilarious and sharp witted. Music channels also have their own hosts but they can never relate to you as good as a radio host can because the hosts are speaking at this very moment while your channel presenter had to make the recording a few weeks in advance.
  • Radio interviews are a great way to learn more about your favorite artists and their hobbies
  • Radio shows have a much wider entertainment range because you get news, music, information and some great and funny shows that you can listen to throughout the day.
  • Radio shows are more personal because they are actually from your location and actually know what you are going through. They relate to you and you to them
  • You can listen to the radio at the workplace without getting fired
  • Radio stations are free to listen to no matter where you are from

The advantages of music channels

Nothing can beat watching a music video with a bunch of friends. You can watch your favorite rock star shake it on stage and some of the music videos are absolutely mind-blowingly creative. Here are some of the top music channel advantages;

  • You can actually see what the artists look like
  • Music channels play a much wider range of genres and types of music that could just broaden your music taste
  • Everyone loves to watch people dance and this is only possible through music videos
  • The cannels often give great information regarding the musicians and artists in-between songs
  • Some of the represents are actually very good and entertaining when they are navigating their way through the great songs
  • Stories are much more entertaining during music channels because the visuals are so much better than when you are listening radio

With these benefits, we can all agree that we have a soft spot for both music channels and radio stations but so far the benefits of radio stations are overshadowing music channels and is exactly why radio stations did not fade out when the TV was launched. There is no way you can watch music channels while at work or on the move which is where radio stations will always have a much greater advantage than any TV channel.